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Selecting the Best Paper for the Artwork

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Selecting the Best Paper for the Artwork

Hi everyone, I would like to talk about your selection of paper for artwork prints. I've been experimenting with the different paper choices when ordering prints from my website. I am going to fill you in on which paper choices are the best for the type of artwork you have selected. Most people decide on an artsy type paper such as the Cool Tone Picture Rag, the Somerset Velvet or even the Premium Archival Matte photo paper before considering the content of the artwork.

Always consider the content of the artwork first before selecting the paper to print on. Why? Well it makes a big difference. If the content of the artwork is dark, or has dark mid-tones you will find printing on the Rag, Velvet and Matte photo will be a little less spectacular. The dark tones will overpower the highlights of the piece and the result will be a darker print. Now sometimes a darker print is what you want, when you want to convey a sense of doom or somberness. So be cautious when picking the artsy paper.

Let's consider black and white photography, when black is black and white is white and there is good contrast throughout the piece. The Matte photo, Picture Rag and the Somerset Velvet will work just fine, with the Velvet having a vintage look and feel.

For those bright pieces with plenty of colors with even mid-tones, darks and highs then pick the Premium Luster Photo. You will be impressed by the depth of colors this paper has and its deep blacks. Many of my images fall into this category. If you are looking for a paper with a little less sheen on it, then the Premium Semi-Matte photo paper is the one you want. The colors will be a little less vivid but the print will give you a classy look to the artwork.

And for those pieces with a modern art feel with vibrant colors, such as the Texas Steer on this page, I would suggest the Metallic Paper. Wow, now when paired with the right piece of artwork, this paper will make the colors pop! One thing to remember, whites will have a silver tinge and the paper will be on the glossy side. But you will not be disappointed in the clarity and presentation of the paper.

As of this writing I have not tried printing on the Canvas or Glossy Photo paper, but will save that for another blog. I hope I have given you some type of insight on how to select paper for the prints you order.

Take care and keep the art scene alive,